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Since 2018, we have helped all size businesses help grow their online presence. We specialize in Web Design, SaaS Software, Digital Marketing and API Integrations. We work on different technologies, such as, WordPress, PHP, Laravel, Vue, Codeignitor, REST, etc.


  • You and Us

    We all are humans. Emotions are okay to fly by as long as respect and dignity are upheld.

  • Innovative

    We love to innovate on every project, internal or external. We innovate to meet your objectives - budget, creativity or anything else.

  • Dependable

    You want us there, we will be there. We are in this together.

  • Honesty

    We are honest with ourselves and you. We strive to inform you before you find out.

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How GrayCyan’s process works

Step 1

Kick-off call & Design

We kick-off projects by understanding your brand, vision, ICP, preferences, etc. Then we create mockups from scratch. We do not use cookie cutter templates.

Step 2

Coding & QA

Once you approve designs, we send them to coding. We code websites that are responsive across screens. Finally we QA test websites and get your approval.

Step 3


When you approve websites/SaaS, we launch them. Every launch is monitored for up to 2 weeks to ensure nothing is broken or causing issues.

Step 4

Digital Marketing

Upon launch, our SEO and/or Ads teams work together to get you on a sustainable growth path. We strive to get you early results wherever possible.


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